Effective dental injury management in athletes

It is common knowledge that all sports carry a certain risk of injury and, depending on the physical activity being done, these injuries can affect different areas of the body....

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Useful tips for your first ski holiday

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Useful tips for your first ski holiday


Despite the fact that they occur during the cold season, winter sports are extremely fun and a great way to do some physical exercises in the open air. If you have already decided that your next holiday will be in a ski resort, you should know that first it is recommended you do some online research and look for the best accommodation for you, whether it is luxury ski chalets Verbier or some hostel room. The sooner you book your accommodation the higher the chances to find something to fit your budget. Here are some very useful tips you, as a beginner skier should consider for your first ski holiday.

The most important aspect – accommodation

As it was mentioned earlier, it is mandatory that you start planning your winter holiday with booking your accommodation in the ski resort you want to go to. There are many options when it comes to this aspect, yet probably the most popular choice is to book chalets. A catered ski chalet not only provides you with breakfast, tea, wine and dinners, but also with guidance from behalf of the resort manager or other employee regarding the ski hire centre in the region, as well as the nursery slopes.

Do not spend money on ski equipment yet! Borrow instead

You have probably seen some interesting videos with people skiing in the past and you have already gotten excited about your next holiday. However, you should not rush things out and go to the closest sports store to buy the latest ski equipment. First because it may be quite expensive to buy all the necessary things and second because you do not even know for sure whether or not you like or are good at skiing. A much better alternative for you for the moment at least would be to borrow the equipment you need, whether from a local store in the city you live or from a local store in the ski resort you are going.

Do not learn skiing from friends or family members, hire professionals

If you go to your first ski holiday accompanied by your friends or family members who can already ski, do not allow them to be your so-called ski instructors. Chances are they will get bored soon enough and will encourage you to come down the slope with them saying that “don’t worry, everything is going to be fine”. You do not have the necessary skills and experience to know how to stop at the right moment to avoid getting yourself or someone else hurt. It is advisable you resort to professional instructors, as this is their daily job and they will know exactly what techniques and methods to use to teach you the basics of skiing.

Outfit for the ski resort

As you are going to a ski resort, it is essential that you pack your ski jacket, overall suit, goggles, gloves and proper footwear such as snow boots. These clothes are specifically designed for this type of sports, which means that they are going to keep you warm enough, without you having to put on yourself several layers of clothing.

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Why play social outdoor netball?

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Why play social outdoor netball?


Few people have heard about netball and the reason for this is that we spend our time celebrating sports like football or basketball. Netball is a sport that is not like any other. While it may not be a glamorous sport, it certainly is an exciting one. If you play social netball in London, you will immediately fall in love with this game, and want to play it for the rest of your life. Have you not played netball yet? If you do not think that playing this sport is worth your time, then you need to check out the reasons why you should join a league, and start playing netty.

Netball is not a pointless sport

Most people view netball as a pointless sport. What you should know is that this ball sport is far from being ridiculous. Netty is just like basketball, the only difference being that you cannot run with the ball and there are confusing zones. Nonetheless, it is just as serious. You have to score more points that your opponent, not to mention that you have to have speed and skill like no other. The point is that netball is a serious sport and not one where the players get a manicure.

Netball teaches more than sport

In order to play netball, you need to know how to pass and receive the ball, and have interpersonal skills. Simply put, you are part of a team, and you have to act like it. While each player has their own spot, they need to work as a unit that is if they want to win the game. Besides teamwork, you have to learn how to handle loses, injuries and how to motivate yourself to improve your skills.

Netball helps athletes build confidence

Netty is mostly about confidence. If you are constantly afraid of losing, you will most certainly lose. Regardless of your skills level, it is possible to improve your performance if you believe in yourself. This is what netball promotes: confidence. During each break or time out, you will rarely see someone sitting down. What team members do is support and encourage each other, so you can be sure that you will not be alone.

This low-impact basketball keeps your physically active and increases your self-esteem. Unquestionably, there are many other reasons why you should start playing social outdoor netball. You will have to discover the benefits of playing netty by yourself.


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Why athletes need to pay attention to their Calcium intake

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Why athletes need to pay attention to their Calcium intake


Calcium is one of the elements that our bodies need in order to function properly, but did you know that the recommended calcium intake is not the same for everyone? This varies depending on gender, age, health state and also on our levels of physical activity. Athletes, for example, have much higher requirements than people who work an office job, because their bodies have to go through extra pressure and effort. For them, it’s impossible to get all the necessary quantity of calcium from diet alone, no matter how healthy it is, so supplements are a must. There are many brands to choose from and you can start by reading Algaecal reviews, but why should you take supplements as an athlete anyway?

Athletes lose calcium faster

It goes without saying that on a daily basis a professional athlete does more physical effort than an average person. In these conditions, they lose calcium very fast and levels have to be replenished. This cannot be done through diet, because one would have to eat an abnormal amount of food, but supplements can help.

Calcium reduces muscle cramps

In addition to taking part in various competitions, athletes also have to go through intensive training every day and cramps become routine. Although they cannot disappear completely, cramps can be reduced in intensity by taking Calcium supplements such as Algaecal. Including them in your routine is a simple way of avoiding sore muscles after an intense workout. However, make sure you take the dosage prescribed to you by your sports doctor, because side effects may occur.

Calcium strengthens bones

We all need strong, resilient bones for a low risk of fractures or conditions of the skeletal system, but bone strength is all the more important for athletes, who are exposed to a lot of physical pressure. To avoid fractures and downtime after sports accidents, you should make sure you have the right calcium intake based on your level of physical effort. Not only will this make your bones more resilient but also reduce recovery times in the event of a serious accident. Again, keep in mind that dosages depend on the type of sport you practice and on your overall health condition. Get advice from your sports doctor to make sure your supplements are safe and that they truly work.

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