Effective dental injury management in athletes

It is common knowledge that all sports carry a certain risk of injury and, depending on the physical activity being done, these injuries can affect different areas of the body....

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Taking a boxing class – what are the benefits?

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Taking a boxing class – what are the benefits?

Also known as boxercise, boxing classes have become extremely popular nowadays, giving attendants the possibility of building muscle, increasing body strength and relieving stress, all at the same time. This type of exercise class focuses on training concepts used by boxers to maintain a good physical condition. The formats available can vary depending on the fitness centre you opt for, but they usually include hitting pads, shadow-boxing, press-ups and sit-ups. The best part about this type of workout is that it is suitable for both men and women, regardless of age or fitness standards. Because the class does not involve the actually hitting of an opponent, it is a challenging and fun workout experience. You can easily find boxing classes Frankston just by doing a bit of online research. Here is why you should consider replacing your normal exercise routine with boxercise:

Increase overall athleticism

In comparison with other forms of exercise, boxing classes are more efficient in increasing your body’s overall athleticism. You will work on your strength, power, endurance, speed and agility, and if you stick to your training program, you will manage to become more athletic and have an improved physical condition. Moreover, this type of training will stimulate your mind, and will help you improve your self-confidence.

Challenging and fun

Workouts are almost never fun, but they are still necessary. Boxercise is a better alternative to your regular workout routine, enabling you to lose weight, strengthen your muscles, stay in shape, while enjoying yourself and sharing some laughs with the other class members. As soon as you put your boxing gloves on, you will see how exciting the overall experience can be. However, remember that boxing can be a bit challenging, so keep yourself focused on your fitness goals, and put in the effort required.

Learn a few self-defence moves

Besides improving your fitness level, a boxercise class will also allow you to learn a few self-defence moves. You never know when an incident might occur, and you will feel safe knowing you can protect yourself. Although, the classes usually focus on body strength, you can gain the ability to defend yourself, aspect that will prove to be useful in the most unexpected situations.

Decrease stress

Another great reason why boxercise will soon become your favourite type of workout is because it can be a great stress buster. You will have the possibility of releasing your aggression in a channelled and controlled way. Although, there is no actual physical contact, you will gain a better control of your body, and you will escape stress almost instantly.

Boxing training offers its own set of benefits, so if you were looking for a type of exercise that will help you improve your physical condition and have a little fun at the same time, then choose this option, and you will not be disappointed. Taking this type of classes will prove to be beneficial for you on both a physical and mental level.

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Reasons you should attend student leadership courses this summer

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Reasons you should attend student leadership courses this summer


During your student years, you have the opportunity to attend so many courses, which could help you in your future career, but you should know that not all of them are as important as their name states, and you should not waste your time with the ones, which do not have future perspectives. You might consider suitable to spend your summer holiday with your friends, having fun and relaxing, because you spent the last months studying hard, but you should know that you do not have time to waste. The best opportunity to learn something that would help you build experience, for whatever career you might choose, is to attend to Student Leadership courses, provided by one of the centres from your region. It is advisable to enrol to the courses provided f a centre that is specialised in your domain, because this would ensure you that you would benefit from all the benefits that come with this type of courses.

Improved confidence

You should know that when you go for an interview everyone would like to see a confident applicant, because they could be sure in this way, that you would be able to fulfil all your tasks. During these courses, you will learn how to show up your qualities and the trainers would guide you to some activities that would help you build your confidence.

You would develop communication skills

No matter what your future career might be, it is important for you to be able to communicate with the others, and share your ideas. During the courses, you would achieve different skills that would help you speak with poise and confidence. You will have to discuss with the other attendants about your goals in life, and this would help you improve your communication skills, because you will learn to take turns in conversation. In addition, depending on the theme of the courses, you might even develop persuasion and diplomacy skills.

Improve your management skills

Depending on the subjects you are studying you might have management skills or not, but this type of courses are very useful for helping you grow and improve them. Every employer is looking for a leader whose management skills are his second nature. Depending on the domain you might intend to work, you will have to prioritise your tasks, to oversee operational actions and focus on certain activities for improving the performance of your job. During leadership courses, you will have the possibility to practice these skills, and participate in different actions, similar to the ones you will meet in real life.

You will discover your hidden talents

The persons who are holding these courses have plenty of experience in this domain, and they would be able to assess your skills, and show you some parts you might not even be aware of. During the courses you will have to complete some tasks by yourself, and according to the strategies you will use and the results of your projects, the trainer might notice some of your undiscovered talents, and help you improve them.

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How to get the most from your personal training

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How to get the most from your personal training

A personal trainer watches your every move and coaches you through a vigorous workout. The decision of hiring a personal instructor is an empowering one because a fitness expert can provide you with a workout strategy, will help you overcome emotional and physical obstacles, not to mention that you get the real results that you are after. Finding the right personal trainer will definitely help you improve your health and fitness efforts, but the true magic takes place when you learn how to work as a team. Whether you are new to working with a Keysborough personal trainer or you have been working on your own for a long time, you have to create a two-way experience that works for you.

Find your match

Meeting potential trainers is an important first step. Taking into consideration that searching online can be overwhelming, you should ask your local gym for recommendations based on your objectives and your fitness experience. To begin with, you should start asking about credentials. Certifications are a good way to ensure that the trainer has the education required to design safe and effective training programs. In addition to asking about credentials, you should get to know what kind of training they specialise in and whether it fits your goals. Someone with a basic certification will not be able to help you prepare for a triathlon, but a specialty coach will.

Become goal oriented

In order to avoid wasting you the time that you pay for, you should tell your personal trainer what you would like them to do and what your limitations are. Discuss aspects like how much you want to lift or how much body fat you are looking forward to lose. Write everything down before your meeting with the coach and discuss it point by point. Setting concrete goals is imperative to achieve results and the fact is that goals must be agreed upon by both parties. So, if the coach tell you that your goals are unrealistic, you should trust his professional guidance and focus on what is achievable.

Warm up before the training session

Although your trainer will gladly help you warm up, if you want to maximise the time that you spend with your coach, then you should ask him to show you 5 to 10 minute warm-up. After your instructor has shown you proper warming techniques and given you cardio activities, you should free to do these exercises before the start of your session. This way you will be able to get it done before your actual session starts. If you can pick the hard moves immediately, your workout will be that more intense.

Acknowledge the trainer’s expertise

If you have made the decision of hiring someone as your personal coach, then you have done so because he is a professional. If you would like to try new exercises, then you should communicate your wishes to your instructor. If the instructor believes that the exercise will not work for you, then you should respect his professional opinion. The instructor is always aware of your goals and he will work together with you to help you achieve your goals.

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