Effective dental injury management in athletes

It is common knowledge that all sports carry a certain risk of injury and, depending on the physical activity being done, these injuries can affect different areas of the body....

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Why should athletes take calcium supplements?

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Why should athletes take calcium supplements?

For athletes, it is important to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Healthy eating habits provide them with necessary resources to sustain for prolonged effort. This includes a lot of proteins and carbs. Besides a healthy diet, it is important for you, as an athlete to take regularly supplements. This habit enables them to have a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals. For example, it is essential for people who regularly perform physical activities to increase their calcium intake. If you read some Algaecal reviews, you can easily notice the benefits of taking natural calcium supplements, without the risks of chemically synthetized ones. However, below are some reasons every athlete should consider increasing their daily calcium intake.


1. Calcium supplements protect bones and joints

Athlete’s bones are constantly under a lot of pressure. The weight and the nature of the ground when running determine how much they are going to be affected. This affection is also known as stress fracture and only professional athletes suffer from it. Moreover, joint inflammation is also prone to appear, as well. In order to minimize the chances to develop such issues, specialists recommend a daily calcium intake above 1,000 milligrams. However, chemically developed supplements might cause other problems, like excess calcium deposits. Instead of buying uncertain supplements, our advice would be to try some natural ones. They absorb easier in the blood and their risks are inexistent. Moreover, trails conducted in the last years have proven that natural supplements really increase bone density, unlike chemicals produced by large pharmaceutical corporations.

2. Female athletes are prone to develop menstrual irregularities

It is not a secret for anyone that females that expose themselves to prolonged physical training are very likely to have an irregular menstrual cycle. However, women with a low calcium intake are also prone to develop the same problem. Fact is that the two previous aspects are interconnected. Females should always take calcium supplements for their intimate health, no matter they are regularly doing physical exercises or not. A good reason to do so is to make your menstrual cycle regular and to prevent discomfort caused by it. Oftentimes, women tend to take painkillers in this interval, forgetting about the importance of calcium supplements.

3. For better results, pair calcium supplements with Vitamin D

Although human body absorbs calcium supplements a bit harder, you can facilitate the process by taking Vitamin D supplements as well. They increase the rate and level at which your body is absorbing them, this way preventing calcium deposits in other organs like kidneys.

If you are performing physical activities on the daily basis, you should certainly consider taking calcium supplements. This way, you can prevent bone fractures caused by stress, joint inflammation, and even heart diseases. Moreover, females, regardless of the amount of physical activity performed, should always take calcium supplements for an increased level of comfort in certain periods of the month. Painkillers are not the answer in such situations and many forget about the importance of calcium supplements. For optimum results, try to find natural ones.

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Golf course maintenance jobs – opportunities and requirements

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Golf course maintenance jobs – opportunities and requirements

Do you see golf as more than a hobby and you would like to go behind the scenes and work on the golf course? Few people know this, but, as one of the most popular sports in the world, golf generates numerous employment opportunities, not just for players, but also for unqualified individuals wishing to grow professionally. One of the easiest to find jobs involves golf course maintenance and it can be done even by candidates with little to no experience. Platforms like golfjobs.com advertise many vacancies for this job, so if you are tempted, read more about its requirements and opportunities below.

Education and certification

An entry-level job in golf course maintenance does not have any special education requirements. More often than not, you can be hired without taking a specialized course, because training is provided by the employer. Nevertheless, requirements may vary, and some employers may also demand a landscaping or horticulture training course. If the use of pesticides is included in the job description, then the candidate will also need to provide a certificate proving that they understand how these chemical substances are used and what safety requirements they involve. It is possible to get a job in golf course maintenance even without a high school diploma, but, as always, the more educated and experienced you are, the likelier you are to get the job.

What are the requirements of a golf course maintenance job?

Employees responsible with maintenance are groundkeepers of the golf course. They have to keep the grass clean at all times, free from leaves and other debris and also mown it so that it’s always at the same level. Sandtraps and fairways are also their responsibility and they have to make sure that every component on the golf course works in accordance to safety and quality standards. Mechanical skills are necessary, because the maintenance expert has to operate lawn mowers and other machinery. Golf is a seasonal sport, so the job is usually part time, but, since you will be outdoors, you should be able to work in different weather conditions.

Can you advance professionally?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for golf course maintenance workers is expected to grow by 13% in the following decade, so this is a good field to be in. In terms of salary, you can expect an annual income of about $27,000 (roughly $12/hour), but this amount can be higher if you work on one of the largest golf courses in the United States. Some employers offer housing and free participation in Turngrass Management programs. As for promotions, valuable golf course maintenance workers can be promoted to golf superintendent. In addition to a higher salary, a superintendent also has management responsibilities: overseeing the activities of maintenance workers, setting an annual maintenance budget, managing costs and creating schedules for the maintenance department. Normally, applying for a superintendent job has higher requirements and competition is fierce, but you can get ahead of external candidates by applying from inside the company.

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Taking a boxing class – what are the benefits?

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Taking a boxing class – what are the benefits?

Also known as boxercise, boxing classes have become extremely popular nowadays, giving attendants the possibility of building muscle, increasing body strength and relieving stress, all at the same time. This type of exercise class focuses on training concepts used by boxers to maintain a good physical condition. The formats available can vary depending on the fitness centre you opt for, but they usually include hitting pads, shadow-boxing, press-ups and sit-ups. The best part about this type of workout is that it is suitable for both men and women, regardless of age or fitness standards. Because the class does not involve the actually hitting of an opponent, it is a challenging and fun workout experience. You can easily find boxing classes Frankston just by doing a bit of online research. Here is why you should consider replacing your normal exercise routine with boxercise:

Increase overall athleticism

In comparison with other forms of exercise, boxing classes are more efficient in increasing your body’s overall athleticism. You will work on your strength, power, endurance, speed and agility, and if you stick to your training program, you will manage to become more athletic and have an improved physical condition. Moreover, this type of training will stimulate your mind, and will help you improve your self-confidence.

Challenging and fun

Workouts are almost never fun, but they are still necessary. Boxercise is a better alternative to your regular workout routine, enabling you to lose weight, strengthen your muscles, stay in shape, while enjoying yourself and sharing some laughs with the other class members. As soon as you put your boxing gloves on, you will see how exciting the overall experience can be. However, remember that boxing can be a bit challenging, so keep yourself focused on your fitness goals, and put in the effort required.

Learn a few self-defence moves

Besides improving your fitness level, a boxercise class will also allow you to learn a few self-defence moves. You never know when an incident might occur, and you will feel safe knowing you can protect yourself. Although, the classes usually focus on body strength, you can gain the ability to defend yourself, aspect that will prove to be useful in the most unexpected situations.

Decrease stress

Another great reason why boxercise will soon become your favourite type of workout is because it can be a great stress buster. You will have the possibility of releasing your aggression in a channelled and controlled way. Although, there is no actual physical contact, you will gain a better control of your body, and you will escape stress almost instantly.

Boxing training offers its own set of benefits, so if you were looking for a type of exercise that will help you improve your physical condition and have a little fun at the same time, then choose this option, and you will not be disappointed. Taking this type of classes will prove to be beneficial for you on both a physical and mental level.

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