Effective dental injury management in athletes

It is common knowledge that all sports carry a certain risk of injury and, depending on the physical activity being done, these injuries can affect different areas of the body....

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How to get the most from your personal training

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How to get the most from your personal training

A personal trainer watches your every move and coaches you through a vigorous workout. The decision of hiring a personal instructor is an empowering one because a fitness expert can provide you with a workout strategy, will help you overcome emotional and physical obstacles, not to mention that you get the real results that you are after. Finding the right personal trainer will definitely help you improve your health and fitness efforts, but the true magic takes place when you learn how to work as a team. Whether you are new to working with a Keysborough personal trainer or you have been working on your own for a long time, you have to create a two-way experience that works for you.

Find your match

Meeting potential trainers is an important first step. Taking into consideration that searching online can be overwhelming, you should ask your local gym for recommendations based on your objectives and your fitness experience. To begin with, you should start asking about credentials. Certifications are a good way to ensure that the trainer has the education required to design safe and effective training programs. In addition to asking about credentials, you should get to know what kind of training they specialise in and whether it fits your goals. Someone with a basic certification will not be able to help you prepare for a triathlon, but a specialty coach will.

Become goal oriented

In order to avoid wasting you the time that you pay for, you should tell your personal trainer what you would like them to do and what your limitations are. Discuss aspects like how much you want to lift or how much body fat you are looking forward to lose. Write everything down before your meeting with the coach and discuss it point by point. Setting concrete goals is imperative to achieve results and the fact is that goals must be agreed upon by both parties. So, if the coach tell you that your goals are unrealistic, you should trust his professional guidance and focus on what is achievable.

Warm up before the training session

Although your trainer will gladly help you warm up, if you want to maximise the time that you spend with your coach, then you should ask him to show you 5 to 10 minute warm-up. After your instructor has shown you proper warming techniques and given you cardio activities, you should free to do these exercises before the start of your session. This way you will be able to get it done before your actual session starts. If you can pick the hard moves immediately, your workout will be that more intense.

Acknowledge the trainer’s expertise

If you have made the decision of hiring someone as your personal coach, then you have done so because he is a professional. If you would like to try new exercises, then you should communicate your wishes to your instructor. If the instructor believes that the exercise will not work for you, then you should respect his professional opinion. The instructor is always aware of your goals and he will work together with you to help you achieve your goals.

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Credentials, experience and specialties – criteria to choose a personal instructor

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Credentials, experience and specialties – criteria to choose a personal instructor

A personal trainer would help you reach your fitness and health goals, so if you have made the decision to get fit, you should start looking for one. You should be proud that you have decided to improve your life quality, and get healthy. The next step would be to find a gym because even if you are planning to collaborate with a Modbury personal instructor, you will feel motivated to work harder when you see the others training. This is a common situation when people hire a personal instructor, because they need a lot of help at the beginning, and the trainer is the one that can teach them how to use the equipment. As you see, it is important to hire a trainer, because s/he will help you come up with strategies and goals, take you through the workout sessions and offer you some nutrition tips. If you are stumped and you do not know how you should choose the right trainer for you, here are the main criteria you should consider.


One of the most important aspects you should look for when you plan to hire a personal instructor are the credentials. It is essential for the trainer to be able to show you that s/he is qualified to train you, and that s/he is a specialist in a certain area of expertise. You should know that for a personal trainer to become certified s/he must pass an exam through one of the accredited organisations from your area. The credentials assure you that your instructor has the competence and professionalism to train you.


It is stated that practice is the key to perfection, or near it, so if you are choosing to collaborate with a trainer who has been around this domain for some years, then you can be sure that s/he perfected the techniques used and it would provide you the best workout. Also, when doing this for some years, they know exactly what works for your type of body, and you will not be an experiment for them.


It is very important for a trainer to be specialised in one of the domains, because if s/he states that s/he knows it all, s/he might actually master none. When you are going at the gym, you know exactly what you are looking for, fitness, aerobic, zumba, or cycling, so you should look for a personal instructor specialised in one of these areas. Not only, that the trainer will know exactly what exercises s/he should include in your routine, but s/he will be passionate about what s/he does, and will nuance the sport for you, such a way to raise your interest. When you want to hire a trainer, you should collaborate with a reputable one, because you have to be sure that s/he helped other persons achieve their goals, and so will do for you. Take into consideration these criteria and you will have no difficulties in finding the right personal instructor for you.

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The epic tale of the British and Irish Lions

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The epic tale of the British and Irish Lions

The fact is that when the might of England, Scotland and Wales is combined, a formidable team is born, one that is so strong it is capable of competing for every position. The British and Irish Lions are one of the most famous and celebrated teams in the world of rugby. In 2017, this rugby union will play New Zealand in their own backyard. This tour will see the British and Irish Lions play 10 matches and the Lions are looking forward to winning their first test series against the All Blacks. But aren’t you curios to find out what lead to the first overseas tour? If the answer is yes, then you should continue reading this article.

The idea

During the winter of 1888, Alfred Shaw and Arthur Shrewsbury came up with the idea of an English team playing rugby in the southern colonies. Nonetheless, when they approached the Rugby Football Union with this idea, they were refused. The refusal to patronize the rugby team was quite typical of the conservationism of the time. But why did the RFU refused their patronage? Well, the explanation was that the team was organised to the benefit of individual promoters, who were not exactly under the protection of any recognised sporting body. Therefore, there was no reason to interfere with the project as long as the players and the promoters resumed to an amateur game.

The first tour

The British Isles made its way to the shores of Australia New Zealand in 1888 with a squad made up of 23 players from England, Scotland and Wales. The team participated in 35 matches, winning only 27 of them. It is needless to say that there was nothing amateurish about this number of games. The team was powerful enough to give a great account of itself and to give Australia and New Zealand an indication of their strength. They further played a series of 18 games, but the results were not as good. These matches were undertaken for making money for promoters who were underwriting the costs.

1900 – 1989

In 1904, the British and Irish Lions team travelled once again to Australia and New Zealand. This time the tourists devastated everything, winning each single game against the Australian teams. In 1910 they went on tour to South Africa, moment which marked the official beginning of the tours. However, it was not until 1927 that they visited Australia again. Even though they lost a test, they managed to win five out of the six non-test games. The renaissance of the British and Irish Lions team centred around the skilled halfback Gareth Edwards, the greatest Lion in history.

2001 – 2013

In 2001, the 10 game tour to Australia, the Wallabies won the test series 2-1. This series saw the Tom Richards Trophy Award. The 2005 tour saw a massive defeat in all three tests, not to mention that in 209 the Lions performed disappointingly at the World Cup. In 2013, they toured Australia with Andy Irvine as tour manager.

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