Are you a beginner netball player? Check these tips

Are you a beginner netball player? Check these tips

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If you are a beginner in netball, but you want to give your best on the field, then you should make sure that you keep yourself calm and composed during the game. If you do not allow yourself to get too excited or nervous you will do a great job on the field, because you will be able to be confident in your own forces. Because you are a beginner, you may have the tendency to get nervous and you will not be able to perform at your best. When you take part to social netball games in London you can get nervous from various reasons. You playmates can influence your performance, but you may also feel nervous if you are not accustomed with the field.  However, you have to understand that none of these extern factors should not influence you, you are the only one who influences your feelings.


You should keep concentrated on the present moment

You should not focus on what may happen in the future, and what the result of the game will be, you should stay calm and focus on the moment when you are on the field. During the game, you should focus on playing relaxed and loose.

Warm up before the game

As with any other sport, it is essential to warm your muscles before the game. Warming up is a crucial part you should not skip before playing netball, because later you may resent pain on the muscles. Netball is one of the many games during which you can get injured, and partly this is due to the fact that the players do not consider important to warm their body before.

Practice with a friend

You have not played this game before, so you should expect to not be a pro on the field. However, if you want to have a good performance, then you can ask a friend to come and pass the ball with you. In this way, you will get some practice and you will understand what actions are implied by the game. Also, you can practice by your own, because there are online guides that explain you what passes are essential in the game. There are different ways of playing netball, so you should ask your friends help you with some tactical patterns, because they know what patterns the team uses, and can help you get ready for the game.