Why play social outdoor netball?

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Why play social outdoor netball?


Few people have heard about netball and the reason for this is that we spend our time celebrating sports like football or basketball. Netball is a sport that is not like any other. While it may not be a glamorous sport, it certainly is an exciting one. If you play social netball in London, you will immediately fall in love with this game, and want to play it for the rest of your life. Have you not played netball yet? If you do not think that playing this sport is worth your time, then you need to check out the reasons why you should join a league, and start playing netty.

Netball is not a pointless sport

Most people view netball as a pointless sport. What you should know is that this ball sport is far from being ridiculous. Netty is just like basketball, the only difference being that you cannot run with the ball and there are confusing zones. Nonetheless, it is just as serious. You have to score more points that your opponent, not to mention that you have to have speed and skill like no other. The point is that netball is a serious sport and not one where the players get a manicure.

Netball teaches more than sport

In order to play netball, you need to know how to pass and receive the ball, and have interpersonal skills. Simply put, you are part of a team, and you have to act like it. While each player has their own spot, they need to work as a unit that is if they want to win the game. Besides teamwork, you have to learn how to handle loses, injuries and how to motivate yourself to improve your skills.

Netball helps athletes build confidence

Netty is mostly about confidence. If you are constantly afraid of losing, you will most certainly lose. Regardless of your skills level, it is possible to improve your performance if you believe in yourself. This is what netball promotes: confidence. During each break or time out, you will rarely see someone sitting down. What team members do is support and encourage each other, so you can be sure that you will not be alone.

This low-impact basketball keeps your physically active and increases your self-esteem. Unquestionably, there are many other reasons why you should start playing social outdoor netball. You will have to discover the benefits of playing netty by yourself.